13-year old Senegalese twins set new record as they graduate high school with impressive scores

Passing High School examination at a very young age has been a rare occurrence in the Senegalese education system. In 2019, there was a general expression of joy when a 14-year-old broke that record by scoring impressive grade points.

New set of “record breakers” have emerged as twin girls identified as Aminatu and Rama Diaw shot to fame for their show of excellence in the just-ended high school examination, earning them a call and support from the presidency.

The girls, aged 13 were invited by the President as “special guests” during an award ceremony held in Dakar to reward best students. President Macky Sall promised that, the government shall fund their education. “The state will provide you with all the necessary support to continue your studies,” the President said.

According to Demba Diaw, father to the twins, the Senegalese government initially offered a scholarship abroad but he declined based on their age and experience of 20-year-old brilliant student, Diary Sow who disappeared in Paris during her preparatory studies and was later found after an uproar.

The success of Rama and Aminatu owes partly to their family, especially their father. According to reports, after Mr. Demba Diaw “realized that they had a precocious intelligence,” he made efforts to provide them with home lessons and also made them skip classes. “We had to succeed for our family, especially our father who did everything” Aminatu said.

Speaking on the future, the girls told reporters of plans to emulate their father who is a civil engineer. Currently, they are waiting for the entrance exam to enroll in a polytechnic to further their education.

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