16-Year-Old Nigerian emerges one of the global winners of $1billion rise incentive

Tomisin Ogunnubi, a Nigerian kid who learnt coding at the age of 12 has emerged as one of the winners of the $1 billion reward in a global tech competition.

Recall that, the young tech genius, now 16 years earlier created a mobile application called “My Locator” at the age of 14, purported to protect users, particularly kids who may fall in trouble or go missing. An alert button has been added to the application which makes it easier to seek for help in distress.

The app which uses google map to locate users has been praised by many, especially due to how relevant it is in context. It has equally been accepted by the government which found it helpful. It was further linked to the Lagos state emergency number.

In the current global competition, which gathered about 50,000 kids from 170 countries across the world, competing for the grand rise price, Tomisin has successfully made it as one of the 100 winners and will be sharing the $1bn prize.

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Apart from this attached prize, the Whiz kid will be granted full time scholarship, project funding, career development opportunities, mentorship, among other things geared towards her further development.

Currently, Tomisin who started schooling in Nigeria where she actually created the first application is studying Computer Science at the Imperial College, London. With this, she aims to advance her knowledge in the field by venturing into machine learning, animation and design, web mobile development among others.

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