18-year-old Nigerian bus conductor wins Chess and mathematics competition

Fawaz Adeoye, an 18-year-old bus conductor wins a Chess Tournament in Oshodi, Lagos. The teenager who works as a bus conductor did not only emerge as a champion of the Chess Competition but also a double champion of both chess and Mental mathematics tournament.

The tournament was organized by Slums Initiative who are primarily dedicated to making children and young people living in slums productive by engaging them in various activities including games.

Organizers of the initiative gathered a group of young people at the popular Oshodi under-bridge slum in Lagos that houses numerous young people, mostly bus conductors with an aim to test their intellect and practical application of knowledge.

With this episode, the organization was able to gather 51 of them who displayed enthusiasm for learning, hence, they were offered the opportunity to exhibit their mental skills in Chess and mental mathematics.

These young people who contested in the competition were also given an Ankara fabric, caps and shoes. The competition also had some pomp and pageantry as the contestants were seen matching into the event in a stylish way as family, friends and onlookers cheered them on.

Speaking on his career path, Fawaz who emerged overall winner told reporters that, he has always dreamt to be a comedian and musician but due to lack of opportunity, he is now a bus conductor.

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