Farmers and Herders clash leaves 11 dead in Chad

Its reported that eleven people were killed in a fight between farmers and herders in Southern Chad on Wednesday. Governor of Chari Abbadi Sahir said the hostilities was a result of a farmer’s animals invading and destroying another farmer’s field. “When Similar clashes between local farmers and Arab herders led to state of emergency on […]

Niger: Civil Societies raged over prolonged detention of Activist Sadat

Sadat Illiya Dan Malam who has been in detention since April 2018 has been charged with “participation in an insurrectional movement” and “conspiracy against the security of the state”. On Wednesday, he appeared for his appeal trial, but final ruling will not be issued until November 20. This has uprated the Civil Societies frustration, given […]

18-year-old Gambian girl gunned down in Sweden

18-year-old Ndella Jack dies as a result of gun shots fired through her apartment window in the western part of Sweden, Vallingby on Wednesday at about 1:30 am. However, the police expressed suspicion that the gunmen’s real target was her 35-year-old husband, Lamin Dibba. The police said that Lamin is “well known” to them. Investigations […]