Meet Five Great Voices Inspiring African Youths

Meet some of the faces inspiring the new generation of energetic youths of the continent of Africa especially, in the political circle. The persons listed below here are doing great to transform the political landscape of the continent by instilling the right character so needed to reshape both politics and the life of the ordinary […]

Guinea-Bissau arrests eight people over 1.8 tonnes cocaine trafficking

According to the authorities, 1.8 tonnes of cocaine hidden in flour bags have been seized by the Guinea-Bissau Police. The drugs arrived at the northwest side of the country by sea and eight people; four Bissau-Guineans, three Colombians and a Malian were arrested. This is the biggest drugs seizure in the country’s history. Guinea-Bissau has […]

Nigerian Celebrities Tiwa Savage & Burna Boy ditch SA

Nigeria’s biggest stars in the entertainment industry reacted to the violence in South Africa by announcing that they have ditched trips to South Africa. Burna Boy first on Tuesday tweeted that he would not visit South Africa ever again for any reason. In a tweet storm criticising the violence he also tasked the government to […]

German Minister Gerd Mueller calls colonial-era killings in Namibia “genocide”

German minister Gerd Mueller has described the slaughter of Herero and Nama tribespeople in Namibia more than a century ago as genocide, one of the most senior government members to use the term “genocide” while discussions on compensation are ongoing. The German ministry released through it’s spokesman the admissions that his country did commit genocidal […]