Omar al-Bashir on trial over $25m Scandal

The recent commotion about Sudan’s former president, Omar al-Bashir swindling state resources is still ongoing. He is charged with possessing illicit foreign currency and corruption at a trial where he is struggling to prove his innocence. He stated last week that he hasn’t used or received money for his own benefit. That the said amount […]

Family Disagree to bury Robert Mugabe at the National Heroes’ Acre

The burial for founding president of Zimbabwe Roberty Mugabe has been scheduled for Sunday, September 15. Mugabe who was ousted in November 2017 ruled the African nation for 37years. Whilst the government wants to bury him in the National Heroes’ Acre, the family seems to disagree with this idea. They argue that Mugabe has since […]

Are Africans Now Ditching ‘Alien’ Religions?

Some argued that the continent of Africa is without identity, but while this is likely, highly erroneous, the decolonization process championed by Pan Africanists across the continent is seeing many young people, abandon the Abrahamic religions to wide verities of tradition believes, predominantly influenced by culture and traditions. Most religion practices in Africa have their […]