This African head of state gives hint at probable 2024 step down

President Paul Kagame has dropped a big hint about his future by admitting that there was a possible chance that he will not be a candidate in the country’s next elections set for 2024. Kagame, 62-years-old was attending a summit in Doha when he was asked about whether he will run for office again, Bloomberg […]

African countries embracing cannabis continues to grow as Zambia joins list

Zambia has become the latest African country to legalize cannabis or otherwise known as Marijuana. The country’s spokesperson Dora Siliya on Monday said a special cabinet meeting on December 4, legalized the production and export of cannabis for economic and medicinal purposes. While this would make Zambia the latest country to shift its position on […]

We want automatic “Citizenship” Bla-Xit group tell Gambian CRC

A community of African descendants from Europe and America residing in The Gambia, Monday demanded automatic citizenship in Gambia’s new constitution, an official source told the media. The group which goes by the name Bla-Xit expressed fear that sections 257 and 258 could deprive them of their lands and forfeit their citizenship if upheld by […]

Macron’s West Africa visit: Niger & Ivory Coast lined up (Dec. 20 – 22)

The two west African states, Niger and Ivory Coast will be welcoming the French President Emmanuel Macron in the coming days according to a statement revealed by the president’s office on Tuesday. Emmanuel Macron is expected to begin his visit to the West African nations in Ivory Coast before proceeding to Niger. The statement describes […]

New India citizens law excluding Muslims courses Wide-spread protest

Following the passing of a bill by the Indian government, which didn’t seem to cater for the Muslim minority, a series of serious protests has been taking place all over the country in reaction to the controversial citizenship law. Muslims are a minority in India and have long complained about the in-equal treatment they receive […]

Africa needs “United States of Africa”- Julius Malema

South African politician Julius Malema has reiterated his call for a one government continent, the “United States of Africa.” Mr. Malema who was speaking after being re-elected as leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF, over the weekend. The EFF is South Africa’s third-biggest party as per the last general elections, he said that the […]