“Our ancestors empowered me to Return”- Ludacris.

The Africa-American rapper has arrived in Ghana to mark 400 years since the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia. As part of the “The year of return” which was initiated to bring all interested Africans in the diaspora to Ghana, especially those living in the United States to know their roots, all […]

Report claims slavery still on in Mauritania despite official abolishment

According to a report by Africanews Mauritania Moulaye Najim slavery is still in full effect in Mauritania after the West African state announced it’s abolition back in 1981. However the trade wasn’t made illegal up until 2007. Since then, there have only been just four prosecutions of slave-owners in its history, with dozens of cases […]

Controversial Tricycle ban in Nigeria Kano state

The governor of Kano state in Nigeria has announced a controversial ban on men and women boarding the same Tricycles, citing Islamic law as the reason behind the band. Kano State is Muslim-dominated and the ban will only come to effect next year January, according to the governor, He explained that it was in line […]

West African ECO; a mere change of name or a dream come true?

Seven West African countries have adopted their long-proposed common currency called ECO to replace the much-criticized CFA Franc. As part of the arrangements, former French colonies will no longer hold the usual exploitative 50% percent of their foreign exchange reserves in the French Treasury. In addition, French representatives that serves on the union board that […]