Ethiopian Parliament ‘passes gun control law’

Following increasing violence in the country, especially between ethnic groups, Ethiopian lawmakers has passed a law aimed at controlling gun ownership in the country. With this law in place, each region is required to outlines the legal age that one can acquire a gun and also limits the number of guns a person is allowed […]

Labour candidate suggests a referendum to abolish the British Monarchy

The British monarch is one of the few surviving monarchs in the 21st century in spite of Britain playing key roles in ending many others around the world. However, Norwich South MP and Labour leadership candidate Clive Lewis has made a rare call for a referendum on abolishing the monarchy in the UK as crises […]

US LGBTQIA+ Activist Hints on a Campaign to Promote Same-Sex Marriage in Ghana

Giving fresh impetus to the quest to unite Africans on the continent with their brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, several African governments and leaders have recently taken on the campaign for African Americans to return to Africa, leading among them is Ghana. Amidst this overwhelming contentment over the return of descendants of former slaves […]

Chinese company wins Broadcasting rights over a state-owned broadcaster in Ghana

Chinese paid TV service provider, StarTimes won a five years contract from the Ghana Football Association (GFA). Per the contract, the Ghana premier league which use to be broadcasted for free by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) on the national television will now be aired on the paid platform owned by the Chinese. The Ghana […]