The UK will Make Africa Business Partner – Borris Johnson

The United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the European Union without a deal, this no-deal Brexit means the UK has to look elsewhere to establish relationships with other parts of the world, especially in the area of trade. Africa could be one of the places the UK will be turning to as it […]

Gambia will arrest ex-president Jammeh if he returns – Justice Minister

Gambia’s minister of Justice has warned that former dictator Yaya Jammeh, will be arrested and prosecuted should he step foot in the country. The declaration was made by the country’s justice minister Abubakar Tambadou. Coming days after Jammeh’s supporters protested to call for his return. The minister noted that the government will waste no time […]

UK pedophiles disguised as philanthropist only to sexually abuse poor African children

Evidence and findings of recent studies indicate that sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children in Africa is a growing phenomenon across the continent in the face of sex tourism. This sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Africa by British and other European tourists who disguised themselves as philanthropists or friends of the […]