Ubuntu: Eto’o backs Drogba to condemn Colonist French Doctors

We early on reported that Didier Drogba condemned in no uncertain terms, two French colonist Doctors who suggested that the COVID-19 experimental drugs be tested first in Africa. The issue seems not to be dying any time soon. The former Chelsea striker and Ivorian star player just got support from his African brother and former […]

Outrage as French doctors say COVID-19 cure should first be tested in Africa

Two French doctors Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht, have sparked outrage after they were caught on television discussing “Africa as the best destination to conduct a test for COVID-19 vaccine”. In a viral video clip shared on social media on Thursday, The two were filmed on set suggesting that a newly discovered possible COVID-19 vaccine […]

Do not take Africans as human guinea pigs – Drogba

“Do not take Africans as human guinea pigs” Drogba fumes after French Doctors suggest testing of COVID-19 vaccine in Africa. The former Ivorian professional footballer and Chelsea Talisman, Didier Yves Drogba is obviously not a happy man right now. He expressed his dissatisfaction in a rather unfortunate conversation that went on live on TV between […]