COVID-19: Drogba gave out his Hospital to be used as isolation center

The former Ivorian professional footballer and Chelsea Talisman, Didier Yves Drogba has offered his hospital in Ivory Coast to be used as a treatment center to help manage COVID-19 cases. Following the surge in the number of cases from a single case in March to 574 cases and counting with five deaths, the country obviously […]

Dr. Arikana to Chinese President, Xi Jinping: “Africans Will No More Tolerate It”

Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, former ambassador of the African Union to the United States and the current president of African Diaspora Development Institute today called on President Xi Jinping of China to “make the big boy decision” by addressing the situation of black Africans in China amidst strong allegations of consistent discrimination and racial abuses. Recent […]

Dying in Lebanon, will Ghana seek justice for Tay?

“Umuofia kwenu,” yelled Ogbuefi Ezuego the powerful orator in Chinua Achebe’s legendary novel Things Fall Apart. It was the fifth time the old man had bellowed and the crowd that had gathered at the market-place thunderously responded ‘Yaa!’ The crowd of men, numbering in their thousands, had gathered after they had heard at dawn the […]