Dr. Arikana on $3.5 Billion compensation to white farmers in Zimbabwe

Dr Arikana Chihombori-Quao, former ambassador for the African Union to United States and the current president for the African Diaspora Development Institute, has come out to speak on issues concerning the compensation of white farmers in Zimbabwe. The Pan-Africanist blamed the whole incident on the Lancaster agreement; she stated that, “The Lancaster agreement when it […]

Angola sentences ex-president’s billionaire son to five years in prison for fraud

Son of former Angolan president who ruled the country for 38 years, has been sentenced on Friday by Angola’s Supreme Court in Luanda for a multi-billion dollar embezzlement scheme. Jose Filomeno dos Santos Commonly, know as “Zenu,” was charged in December after trying to transfer $1.5 billion into a private bank account in Swiss from […]