French PM accuses President Emmanuel Macron of worsening Cameroon conflict for personal interests

 French Independent Member of Parliament, Sebastien Nadot, representing Haute Garonne has today told DW Africa that President Emmanuel Macron is worsening the crisis in Cameroon due to what he considers “personal reasons”. The law marker is infuriated by the continuous show of indifference by the administration of President Macron in addressing the crisis.   The Anglophone […]

British Airways withdraw its decision after Ghana threatened “reciprocal action”

Ghana has set a very good example for other African countries to emulate in a bid to protect the interest of citizens and also help in dealing with unfavorable unilateral decisions. Threats of “reciprocal action” by the Ghanaian government has forced British Airways to withdraw its earlier decision to transfer London-Accra flight service from Heathrow […]

Two Nigerians given capital punishment in Ghana

Two Nigerians sentenced to death by hanging in Ghana Two men of Nigerian descent, Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Oji, who reside in Ghana have been sentenced to death by hanging for killing four girls.  The background of the story is that, four young girls, Ruth Abakah, 19; Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21; Ruth Love Quayson,18 […]

Meet The 10 -Yeard Old Nigerian Chess Champion, Tanitoluwa

Tanitoluwa Emmanuel Adewumi is a Nigerian prodigy who has stormed the world of chess and made his mark already despite his young age. He was born on September 3rd, 2010 in Nigeria. In 2017, his parents, who lived in Abuja relocated to the United States of America due to insurgency in Nigeria and the threats […]