US Secretary of State ‘cautions’ Africa of China’s growing role on the continent

The United States Secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, who recently held a virtual meeting with some African leaders, cautioned the continent of China’s growing influence. During the virtual meeting, the two African leaders present are President Buhari of Nigeria and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Nigeria. While talking to the two leaders, Blinken pushes for a […]

Uganda: Three boys embarrassed on talent show for ‘body odor’ gets help

Three talented boys who identify themselves as The Real Dance Crew has been trending in Uganda for couple of days now following their unfortunate encounter during a talent show themed “Yolesa Ekitone.” The three rehearsed for the show which is basically a platform for these young ones to exhibit their talents; however, they were embarrassed […]

ANC should have done more to prevent Zuma-era corruption – President Ramaphosa

In widely awaited testimony to a bribery investigation, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday that the ruling party “could and should” have done more to prevent corruption under his predecessor Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa, Zuma’s former deputy, was testifying as the new head of the African National Congress (ANC) in a rare instance of […]

Lack of pride in local products: Africa’s automakers struggle for sales

The African automobile industry is one that needs rigorous attention because of the potentials it carries. Due to the demand for automobiles in Africa, the market value of the sector has increased drastically. Modern Intelligence earlier valued the continent’s automobile market to cost USD 28.45 billion in 2020 with a high expectation of the figure […]

Buhari calls on the US for Relocation of AFRICOM headquarters from Germany to Africa

Nigeria’s president Buhari is demanding that the headquarters of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) which is currently located at Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart –Germany should be relocated to Africa. This came as the call for total withdrawal of foreign troops from the continent is gathering waves among young Africans.. President Buhari made this plea […]