Insecurity: Nigerian lawmakers lobby US to help remove communications Minister

A Nigerian Lawmaker, Mr. Sergius Ogun has revealed that, a section of the country’s house of representatives is lobbying the United States to help them remove Mr. Ali Isa Pantami, the current minister of communications and Digital Economy. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Ogun said “from where I stand, I believe the minister should resign, he […]

Reports say Sudan suspended Russian naval base but Russia denies

Earlier reports had it that, Russia’s plan to establish a naval logistic base in Red Sea Port has been suspended by authorities in Sudan; the publications added that, the decision was tagged by a Russian Navy admiral as one which is motivated by pressure from the United States. According to an earlier announcement by Russia, […]

Meet 9-year-old Nigerian genius who built over 30 mobile games

Basil Okpara, a nine (9) year old Nigerian genius, became an online sensation after drawing inspiration from his father to build over 30 mobile games using a free programming application that provides a wide variety of features. The app allows users to create animations, games, or stories. Father of the tech sensation was very supportive […]

France’s summit will help African economies recover – French Minister Bruno Le Maire

France has announced a supposed plan geared towards helping developing countries, especially those in Africa to redeem their economies from post-pandemic economic issues. This was revealed by Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister for economy. According to him, a summit that France will hold on the 18th of May, 2021 will tackle the various means […]