Zambia’s first President, Kenneth Kaunda has died at age 97

Kaunda, who played a significant role in the country’s independence struggle, was admitted to a hospital in Lusaka on Monday. His cause of death was rumored to be covid- 19 but aides close to him said he died from pneumonia. Mr. Kaunda was a key member in what was known in the 1950s as Northern […]

Central African Republic’s new Prime Minister vows to renew ties with France

Central African Republic’s newly appointed Prime Minister Henri-Marie Dondra has vowed to renew ties with Paris and depend on France, European Union amidst  economic and security sanctions. Whilst African youth are generally mounting serious campaigns against over dependence on these so called powerful countries, the Prime minister who heads a country rich in Diamond and […]

Laurent Gbagbo, former Ivorian president and opposition leader returns home today

Former Ivorian President and leader of the main opposition party, the Ivorian Popular Front is set to return to his home country today, after being declared innocent by the international criminal court for alleged crimes against humanity. Local reports indicate that his successor, Alassane Ouattara has made provisions for his arrival in the country. The […]