China’s pledge to help Nigeria fight “Modern Day Slavery” met with criticism

The recent revelation by Nigeria-based Chinese Cultural Counselor, Mr. Li Xuda of the Chinese government’s readiness to help Nigeria to fight against what he described as modern-day slavery has since been stepping on the nerves of many netizens. It would be recalled that, during the recent program held in Abuja to commemorate International Day for […]

Kenya and Tanzania set December 2021 to pull down trade barriers

Two Eastern African countries, Kenya and Tanzania have set December 2021 to jointly resolve the major barriers affecting smooth trade between them. The decision was made by the Joint Commission on Cooperation (JCC) set up by both countries, consisting of selected officials from Kenya and Tanzania established purposely to enforce cooperation and unity. “On trade, […]

Rwanda welcomes 250 students and staff of Afghanistan’s School of Leadership

Shabana Basij-Rasikh, the co-founding president of Afghanistan’s School of Leadership (SOLA) has stated in series of social media posts that, the students, staff and families have been evacuated to Rwanda in Africa following the recent take-over by the Taliban regime. “Last week, we completed the departure from Kabul of nearly 250 students, faculty, staff, and […]