$22, 000 monthly salary is not enough for a Senator – Nigerian politician argues

Nigerian senator, Rochas Okorocha has declared on Monday that 13 million Naira ($22,000) earned monthly by a senator in Nigeria is not enough. He claimed that the responsibilities attached to every senatorial office is cumbersome, hence, 13 million is not enough to manage them adequately.

Senator Okorocha, who represents Imo West senatorial district made this revelation at the FCT Chapter of the Nigerian Union Journalists in celebration of his service as a politician. The program was captioned, ‘Conversation with Rochas Okorocha at 59: Award of Icon of Service and Philanthropy.’

Giving further details, Okorocha stated that a senator’s salary alone is 2 million Naira, whereas housing allowance is 3million and other allowances cumulate to about 13 million. He therefore opined for a reduction in the number of senators elected from each state to be cut down from three to one instead.

“Remember I said, let us have one senator per state and it raised a lot of controversy in the whole country….but shortly after I talked about that, Italy reduced the number of their senators by 60 percent just as if they copied from me.”

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He added further that, “I have asked this question and nobody has answered me; emotions drive this country rather than issues…. Now, when you talk about cutting down the cost of governance, Nigeria is better off with one senator per state and three federal house members per state. This number of people can solve Nigeria’s constitutional problems.”

Senator Okorocha went on to state that Nigeria’s bicameral legislature which has both the

house of senate and house of assembly should be reevaluated and the funds used in running them could as well been engaged in the productive sector of the country’s economy to produce something that could be exported or be used to do something for Nigeria.

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