8-year-old young African wins US honorary certificate for high intelligence

Maame Akua Aseda Manukure was presented with a certificate of honor by authorities of Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle, USA following her display of excellence bypassing all seven subjects with exceeding scores.

According to Mr. Hilderbrand, the Principal of the school, “her outstanding performance in the 3rd-grade exams placed her as the first Ghanaian female student to ever top all students in New Rochelle District over the past decades.”

Interestingly, the young girl did not start the program with her colleagues. The principal was startled by her performance within this short period of enrollment.

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He added that, “Maame Akua Aseda Manukure arrived here in New Rochelle in October 2019 from Ghana. She was welcomed into 3-Quinn by all of the students but within a month, Maame has become a Maths and Language star.

She has subsequently been promoted from the District level where she emerged the topmost scorer to the next stage, which is the national 3rd-grade exams.

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