A French politician express worries that France could culturally become Africa by 2060

Marion Marechal, a French politician and former member of parliament expressed fear that her country could be culturally dominated by Africa in the near future, if action is not taken.

According to her, the data indicated that if the current “demographic curve” continues, France could become assimilated into African culture, and that her country could lose its influential relationship with the outside world. 

“It would be a France which would bear the same name but would no longer be the same – no longer the same culture, the same mores, the same relationship in the world” she fumes. 

It’s important to note that France, in order to entrench its influence in Africa, it established a predatory policy called ‘assimilation’ with the aim to replace African culture and values to that of France throughout its former colonies on the continent.

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Understanding the importance of culture and language, many European countries including France has a system in place that would ensure that new immigrants do assimilate into their host country by virtue of learning the language and adherence to core values.

Our Cultural writer argued that Africa is one of the few places in the world where immigrants are not conditioned to go through a process of assimilation in order to live freely and progressively. It is very common to meet a second generation Asian or European in Africa who can barely speak any African language or understand their host country’s cultural values.

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