One Nigerian politician ‘faints’ during a corruption allegation hearing; officials had to move him out of session

The acting managing director of Niger Delta Development Commission, Daniel Pondei, slumps during a public hearing. Mr. Pondei has been accused of mismanaging budgetary funds meant for the poor residents of Delta State in Southern Nigeria.  He allegedly spent N1.5biliion ($4Million) of public funds on staffs’ palliatives to fight COVID-19, in addition to their respective salaries. According to reports, the Chairman tells the investigative committee that it was actually N1.3billion he spent and not N1.5billion. However, he passed out after failing to defend the N1.3billion he agreed to have spent.

Many believed that the fainting is another acting scheme often performed by corrupt politicians as a similar scenario occurred not long ago when a former Nigerian Senator fainted during a hearing. In Mr. Pondei’s case, witnesses were quick to resuscitate him and one even attempted to forcefully open his mouth but the seemingly fainted politician was conscious enough to restrict the man’s hand from applying further pressure on his jaws.

Nigeria is not alone in corruption scandals, many African countries are experiencing similar stories. It is true that there are many upright politicians who are doing the right thing, but the corrupt and unpatriotic politicians are continuously doing enormous damage on the continent’s future. Their biggest accomplices are foreign corporations and governments who often pretend to be champions of human rights when in reality, African children are suffering from the game they play.

Nigeria’s president, Muhammad Buhari vowed to fight corruption but it seems like the anti-corruption campaign is not working because the officials who are to lead the fight are severely corrupt themselves.  Earlier this month, Nigeria’s Acting Chairman for Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was arrested on charges of corruption.

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