AFCON: My club coach asked me to fake injury to avoid representing Nigeria – John Ogu

Nigerian midfielder, John Ogu has joined the voices speaking against the gross disrespect for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON). He revealed that, his club coach actually advised him to fake injury so he can avoid representing his country. The player made these revelations in a series of Twitter posts amidst the growing conversation over the tournament.

He narrated that, “I’m not even surprised at the situation of them foreign managers or clubs not wanting their players to go represent their country in tournaments. One certain manager in Portugal asked me to tell the coach of Eagles then that I was injured so as not to go for a friendly game.”

Mr. Ogu however added that, he defied the advice but had to suffer for it. “After I left, went back to the club, he stopped playing me. And this was prior to the World Cup coming that year. I made mention of it here and many out here said I was lying and so on. Una don see how them be now?

“I missed out at that World Cup list. The evil part of it was when the list came out and he found out I wasn’t invited, man, walk up to me and asked I call the manager to list me and that if he wants, he can start me in the last game in the league,” Mr Ogu added.

He also spoke about the disrespect for tournaments in Africa. “The disrespect to Africans and its football tournaments. They don’t rate any of them at all. We have seen so many tournaments FIFA and UEFA already introduced in World football but when it comes to Africa and Africans, it’s always a different case,” Mr Ogu wrote.

The African Cup of Nations will commence on the 9th January 2022. The much anticipated tournament will feature 24-teams across the continent and some of the world’s top class players. The likes of Sadio Mane, Edwouard Mendy among others have already returned to boost their teams.

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