African American delegation plans to invest $300 million in Uganda

In 2016, a historic African-American bank was on the verge of collapsing when a Ghanaian firm, Groupe Nduom invested millions of dollars to revive it. This move was applauded as a major step for black people, a sign that we can work together just like the Jewish community, the Chinese etc.

Just recently, a delegation of African Americans led by Mark Anthony Hernandez has revealed plans to invest a worth of $300 million in the landlocked country of East Africa, Uganda.

This was revealed to journalists in Entebbe by Hernandez. According to him, the Pan African team has plans to invest in Neurosurgeon and their decision to invest in Uganda was informed by various reasons, and that the new proposed investment will be critical in solidifying the future development of Uganda.

“What we are focusing on in this particular trip is health care, we have a Neurosurgeon investor on our team who is interested in setting up a factory for Cardiac transplants in Uganda and offering services in other ways,” Hernandez revealed
The team was received by Hon. Anite Evelyn, the Minister of State for Finance in charge of Investments in Uganda.

“At this time we are looking at investing 300 million dollars in the health and real estate sectors and we believe other African Americans in California will be interested in joining us because of their interest in bringing back African American dollars back to Africa,” Hernandez continued to say.

Commenting on the commitment of the Pan African team, Isaac Kigozi, Managing Director, East African Partners, said that such commitment is unique. Arguing that people from developed nations look at Africa as a continent with “Impoverished masses and therefore come seeking to save them from poverty, diseases, and illiteracy”. According to him, the African American investors group is not looking at offering charity to Africa, but rather talks into the human capital that would enable Ugandans become self-sustainable.

Kigozi added, “When we discussed with this group, they said the government has done enough by opening up doors to them and are now looking at what they can do for the government and the people of Uganda. This is exactly what enticed me to bring them to Uganda because they are not looking for free things.”
Kigozi went on to reveal that President Yoweri Museveni is aware of their presence and is ready to meet with the team “anytime”.

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