African herb saved me from a 2-year stomach problem- Meek Mill

African-American Rapper, Robert Rihmeek Williams, known popularly as Meek Mill reveals how an African herb saved him from a long-standing health condition. 

“My stomach has been messed up for almost 2 years. I have been to a bunch of doctors … I took an African herb and it fixed my stomach like magic!” The rapper tweeted. 

Africa is undoubtedly a home to diverse medicinal plants from which the people of old evolved their traditional treatment system to meet their health needs. Herbal medicine has been an ancient and culture-bound method of healing in Africa that has been used to deal with both basic and complicated health conditions.

This saved millions of people in both rural and urban African communities before the advent of colonialism which saw the introduction of cosmopolitan medicine, many of which have been prepared with herbal components.

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Consequently, the advent of “new” health systems led to the gradual neglect of this age-long system instead of adopting an alternative method like other countries do with herbal remedies they adopt from other cultures.

Today, it is quite unfortunate that Africans are not only neglecting herbal medicine. They have equally stigmatized it. A typical African has more trust and pride in cosmopolitan medicine than our long-held system of healing. The continent must refocus its health priorities and invest heavily on the sector with productive research and also educate many to help change the damaging narrative.

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