African Unity: Leaders of four African countries meet to discuss trade and resolve security challenges.

The infamous sense of dependency on external forces to resolve African problems is gradually dying as leaders of four African countries have joined forces to resolve security challenges they have faced over the years and also discuss how to boost trade in the Region.

This impactful virtual meeting saw the participation of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Angolan President, João Lourenço and Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The meeting focused mainly on how to collectively resolve the longstanding security issues posing threats to their peaceful coexistence; it also highlighted various means to build good neighborly relationships.

In terms of boosting trade relations, the group reached a consensus on a decision to cut funding for certain regional and international networks that engage in exploitative and illicit trade of the regional resources to ensure healthy trade relations for revenue maximization.

President Tshisekedi stated that, there is no alternative to collective efforts to meet the many challenges; Paul Kagame who is obviously pleased with the  virtual meeting  added that, “We are obliged to meet via video conference, but the spirit of positive cooperation demonstrated by this meeting is clear.”

Over the years, Regional cooperation and collective action towards dealing with common issues with success in Africa has to an extent been very tedious. As a result, certain minor issues which could take a collective decision to deal with within the shortest possible time, end up taking too long to be resolved or escalate at worst breeding unnecessary friction between countries.

Funny enough, these same African countries that refuse to deal with their differences locally express willingness when called upon by external forces to spend taxpayers money, travel all the way to Europe or other continents, pay for very expensive hotels just to get the issues discussed and resolved.

Apart from this attitude raising questions on continental reputation, it totally defeats the purpose for which independence was granted to Africa in the first place; the grand disrepute that comes with this dependency is the more reason African leaders must emulate what these countries have done, push for a united front and deal with issues all by themselves

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