African Youths Remodeling the Image of Africa through Social Media

The Western media in particular have created and perpetually for years, in a hideously simplistic and stereotypical manner, portrayed Africa as the hell of the Universe.

This they did to supplement the agenda of the neocolonial cum imperial powers. In fact, it is widely held that the continuous off-putting representation of Africa’s image is not coincidental but a ‘design’ by the former colonial masters, in the course of pursuing the agenda of exploiting and instilling the inferiority complex in the Africans.

The Western media such as the BBC, CNN among others have facilitated to establish controversial perceptions about Africa especially in the West.
Images of war, bad governance, hunger, diseases, and poverty among others are what persistently headlined Western Media outlets about Africa with trifling or no focus on the positive stories about the continent.

However, Africans especially the youths have recently taking on social media to “show the other side” of Africa that Western Media won’t portray to their delight.

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Numerous websites, online TVs, Online Newspapers, and online Radio Stations have been established by Pan Africans; focus on portraying the positive image of Africa and Pan Africanism.

Facebook has recently been accused of censuring controversial contents shared on these sites that sought to address the plights of Africa especially on its historical experience with the West.
The progress registered by the leadership of the continent, especially Rwanda’s Paul Kagame has also been a constant feature on these Pan African media out lets.

Racism and colonial exploitation of the Continent by former Intruders such as France are discussed. The economic activities of China and United Sates of America are no exceptions to the most relevant scrutiny offered by these media sites.

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