Africans express disappointment as BBC links low death rates in Africa to poverty

The rate at which foreign media portrays news regarding Africa is appalling and actually calls for action.

When New Zealand recorded low death rate, the media associated that with accolades like “Great leadership and Scientific adherence”. The same happened in the case of Sweden; the media was caught praise-singing the Swedish government with terms like “excellence” and the application of proactive measures.

However, when the entire Africa recorded low death rate, the same media started by saying it was an understatement of figures. Now, the narrative has changed. The media, especially BBC is rather thanking poverty for fighting the pandemic in Africa; a reportage which has since sparked outrage.

What we need to know is that ranting along cannot solve the problem. Support EYEGAMBIA and all other African media outlets as we strive to grow and report the news from an African perspective to deal with such issues.

EYEGAMBIA is run and managed by reputable young Africans from all over the continent and the Diaspora. It is time to control our own narrative and tell our own stories for advancement of the African continent and its diaspora. We cannot allow this to continue. The time is now.

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