Africa’s true potential is its young people, not natural resources – Uhuru Kenyatta Tells French Entrepreneurs

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta told French entrepreneurs that Africa’s true potential is its young people and not the traditional natural resources the continent has.

“I tell people all the time, we look at the African continent sometimes from a perspective of its natural wealth. The gold, the diamonds, the oil, the gas but what we tend not to see is what is the true African potential.” Kenyatta said.

He added further that, “the true African potential is our young men and women, and their capacity to participate with you to build a greater and better world for all of us.”

Speaking on the long-standing issue of immigration that sees economically active African youth leaving the continent to Europe, Kenyatta stated that, “We know we have huge problems with regard to migration that make people have this feeling or this understanding that all that Africa can contribute is migrants.”

“But you must ask yourself, why do these young men and women risk their lives to cross thousands of miles of land, risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean. It is in search of opportunity,” President Kenyatta added.

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