Akon finalizes deal to build the Wakanda city

The Senegalese-American singer and songwriter took to his social media handles to announce the signing of the final documents on the much expected AKON-CITY. “just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future”, Akon said in a statement.

According to information available, the ultra-modern facility will be built on 2,000 acres of land given to the Grammy-nominated musician by the Senegalese President, Macky Sall.

The city, which shall be named after the musician will operate an economy that depends solely on cryptocurrency. Every transaction will be made with the cryptocurrency. It must equally be noted that Akon himself has a cryptocurrency called AKOIN which obviously may be of good use.

Speaking to Nick Cannon on Power 106 radio, the musician revealed that the AKON-TAINMENT SOLAR CITY project is in phases. According to him, “It’s a 10-year building block so we’re doing it in stages. We started construction in March and stage two is going to be 2025.”

Aside this project, Akon recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Senegalese Tourism ministry in an attempt to boost the progress of the sector. In a statement, the ministry stated that “Beyond his status as an artist, it is Akon, the investor who believes in Africa”.

It is very obvious that the African continent has a special place in the hearts of the musician, judging from the magnitude of investments he is pumping into the continent.

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