Aliko Dangote set to invest in Cameroons oil and gas sector

The richest Black man, Aliko Dangote has announced plans to expand his business empire on the African continent. This time, the business mogul is delving into Cameroon’s energy sector, specifically, oil and gas.

The tenth consecutive time topmost African Billionaire had an earlier meeting with the Cameroonian President, Paul Biya in Yaounde, the capital city. The businessman told reporters after this meeting that, “we (his company) have plans to expand our investment to other sectors beginning with oil and gas.”

According to Blomberg which broke the news, the Billionaire failed to provide further details on this new project. Even though the full detail is yet to be known, many believe Aliko Dangote will be successful in the Central African country based on track record.

The Nigerian billionaire is a known face in Cameroon as his penetration of the construction industry with his popular Dangote cement in 2015 ended the long-held 40 years French monopoly. Dangote has since expanded his operations in Cameroon in terms of cement production.

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The businessman was earlier in the news after his company made revelations that, his newly completed fertilizer factory will start serving local markets and also export to foreign countries; news which was met with great excitement.

“Apart from meeting the domestic demand, we are going to be able to earn quite a lot of money exporting the goods to the South American countries,” Dangote said.

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