Allow us to export value-added coffee; not only raw coffee – Uganda

One of Africa’s largest producers of coffee decries the use of trade barriers by Europe and other regions to restrict the export of processed coffee. According to the East African country, the west allows raw coffee to be exported under flexible conditions relative to processed ones.

The East African country earlier pulled out of the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) agreement without stating any reason. However, in a recent statement, the authorities have revealed details for the withdrawal.

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) said “Uganda needs unconditional market access that allows for export of value-added coffee, not only green coffee.”

The institution added that, “the new coffee agreement should have increased focus on value addition with protracted programmes that aim at transferring value to the farm gate.”

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Yoweri Museveni, President of the country said “the importing countries impose escalating tariffs and restrictions on imports of value-added coffee […] these barriers should be negotiated and removed, in order to create even more value for the Ugandan coffee sector.”

The president named countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark among others as those who resort to the use of these barriers to deny the country export. How best do you think African countries can negotiate their ways through these strict measures?

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