American rapper, Fat Joe launches a relief fund for Bronx fire victims

American Rapper, Fat Joe has stepped in to launch a relief fund for the victims of the tragic fire that broke out in Bronx, New York last Sunday.

The fire which claimed the life of at least 17 people who are mostly Africans and Gambians happened in the home town of Fat Joe. The incident also left many people with injuries as well as homeless currently and in dire need of shelter.

At the moment, Popular music mogul, Jay Z and DJ Khaled have made donations to the New York City Mayor’s Fund and other celebrities and well-meaning individuals are enjoined to follow suit.

Just this past week, it was reported that the donation has gone over $1 million dollars.

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“No matter where I go in the world or what I achieve, I could never forget my community, I had to react, but I couldn’t do it on my own.” He said.

“I need all my people worldwide to come together for the families devastated by the fire in the Bronx,” wrote Fat Joe on his Instagram. “I’m donating and I’m asking everyone that has a Heart to donate. these people are mostly immigrants that have nowhere to go they lost everything. it’s 10 degrees in the Bronx today! WE NEED YOUR HELP.”

The rapper has promised to ensure the entire donation is given to the victims of the fire outbreak.

From investigations and reports so far, the fire was said to have been caused by a space heater usually kept in the apartment for the purpose of keeping residents warm from the harsh cold weather in New York.  

The Fire Department Commissioner, Daniel Nigro was of the opinion that, the fire began in a bedroom in the apartment, “The door to that apartment, unfortunately, when the residents left, was left open. It did not close by itself,” he said, adding that, “the smoke spread throughout the building, thus the tremendous loss of life and other people fighting for their lives right now in hospitals all over the Bronx.”

The victims of the fire who lost their lives are believed to have died from the inhaling of toxic smoke. Apart from adults the victims include children who are in the age bracket of 2 years to 6 years old.

Meanwhile, survivors, tenants and family members of victims are filing a class-action lawsuit of $2 billion in damages against the landlords and city officials for negligence, failure to make available functioning smoke detectors, inability to provide adequate heat in the apartment as a sprinkler system.

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