Angry Ivorian residents brought down a virus testing center in Abidjan

In a trendy video circulating on social media, a group of angry people were seen tearing down the facility which was under construction in the Nation’s capital.

Although many thought this was triggered by the comments of the French Doctors that sparked outrage recently, the people themselves hold a different concern. According to them, the structure was being built at a residential area which they deem unsafe to their health, hence their decision to collapse it.

BBC, however, reported that “The hostile response towards the testing centers is reminiscent of attitudes during Ebola outbreaks in West and Central Africa when some people attacked health workers, suspicious that they were bringing the disease to their communities, rather than offering crucial medical care.”

If this is true, then the repeated pattern of violence and the attached reasons obviously exposes the inefficiencies and failures of the various authorities who are supposed to implement these health directives or policies.

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Coronavirus Africa: Ivorian protestors burn and destroy COVID-19 ...
Ivorian residents collapsed a virus testing facility in Abidjan. (Image: GETTY)

Before any such program is introduced into a community, the location must be fit for purpose and assure safety. Aside that a proper orientation must be done to educate the populace about the essence of the program or the facility in this current case in order to bring the residents to a level ground before attempting implementation. Lack of information on a sensitive issue of this sort will always breed violence.

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