Another Foreign Military Troop in Mali To Combat Islamist Led Insurgency

According to the BBC, 250 British soldiers will join the UN mission in Mali later this year, a move they say is to step up its military support in West Africa to help combat the world’s fastest-growing Islamist-Led Insurgency.

Over the past months, British troops have been helping train local forces to fight extremism in the Sahel. The region south of the Sahara desert has been a front line in the war against the Islamist military for almost a decade. It has been described as the most dangerous peacekeeping operation in the world.

Thousands of civilians have been displaced, it is still not clear how many women and children died.

This latest developments of another military deployment is further putting more pressure on the Malian government and regional leaders.

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Just a few months back Malians came out at the center of the capital Bamako, in large numbers protesting for the total withdrawal of French Soldier.

Leading activist Adama Bendiara says “Mali is losing control of most of its territory as terrorists continue to hit, despite the presence of French forces on the ground.”

Many Africans especially West African citizens however, want France and it’s European allays to step back and allow Ecowas forces to take the lead in the fight.

The activist who was addressing protesters in a rally in Bamako, last month, called on the Sahel G5 leaders to hear the called of the Malians for the withdrawal of French troops, he also called on AU and Ecowas to called for an end to France’s military operation in the region.

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