Another Gambian army officer confesses to the killing of 50 African migrants and more

Another member of Jammeh’s death squad known as the “junglers” has confessed to taking part in the killing of more than 50 West African migrants.

Testifying late on Tuesday before a truth commission set up by President Adama Barrow’s government to investigate abuses under Jammeh, Omar Jallow said he was a member of Jammeh’s elite guard, known as the “junglers”, that the migrants were killed and dumped in a well near the Senegalese border.

Mr Jallow’s testimony followed that of Lt Malick Jatta who confessed on Monday to the killing of veteran journalist, Deyda Hydara.

Jallow said he went to Banjul with his unit which included Solo Bojang, Sanna Manjang, Alieu Jeng and Malick Jatta all members of the “junglers”,  to pick up the West African migrants (mainly from Ghana and Nigeria), mistaken for mercenaries.

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The Junglers

Mr Jallow disclosed that the migrants were picked up from Kololi around the Coconut residence and they were taken to Kanilai. (Former President Jammeh’s Village)

“When we drove to Kanilai, we went behind the fence of the former president and headed to Cassamance, Senegal.

“When we arrived at this place in Cassamance, Solo stopped the vehicle and we all came down. Solo said these people were mercenaries and he told us that the order from the former head of State (Yahya Jammeh) was to fire at them.

Omar Jallow told the Commission that he participated in the killings but didn’t shoot at any of the victims.

“We will bring the person (alleged mercenaries) around the well and we will shot the person and he will fall in the well,” he said as a matter of fact.

He claimed that he didn’t shoot at any of the victims but said that he was assigned to bringing them around the well.

He alleged that it was Lt Malick Jatta and Sanna Manjang who were shooting at the victims on the orders of the former president Yahya Jammeh.

“Yahya Jammeh ordered for the execution of the foreign nationals,” said Jallow.

“We were transporting them to the firing ground one by one and Sanna Manajang and Malick Jatta were firing at them and throwing them into the well.”

He said it was himself and one Alieu Jeng who were responsible for picking these captives and taking them one by one to the firing ground where Manjang and Jatta will fire at them.

“There were only two shooters; they were Malick Jatta and Sanna Manajang,” he said.

He said there was no one among the captives who escaped in that operation.

“I was given €100 by one of them who pleaded to me to allow him to say his last prayers but before he completely knelt down, Sanna Manajang fired at him. I eat the €100,” Jallow said.

The witness said the government did not condemn the killings of these foreign nationals.

Omar Jallow also confessed to the killing of Haruna Jammeh, who was a cousin of the former president Yahya Jammeh.

He said he was instructed by Tumbul Tamba to join Solo Bojang and Alieu Jeng to arrest Haruna Jammeh, the former president cousin. He said Haruna Jammeh was taken away to a village near Kanilai. He said they drove to a secluded area near the village and Solo Bojang stopped the vehicle.

Jallow said, “Solo gave me and Jeng a long rope to tie the neck of Haruna Jatta and we tied him. When he fell on the ground, Sanna Manjang stamped on his neck from the car and he died.”

Mr Jallow also confessed his role in the torture of outspoken imams Baba Leigh and Ba Kawusu.

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