Arrest Warrant issued for Gambia’s suspended foreign affairs official over series of accusations of sexual misconduct.

It is confirmed from the Police spokesperson Lamin Njie that a bench warrant to arrest Melville Roberts over series of accusations of sexual misconduct against him has been issued. Roberts was the head of American Affairs Division at the ministry of foreign affairs.

The Ministry called in Roberts who has ever since denied the allegations and is currently in the UK and has refused to return.

A source also confirmed that diplomatic immunity has been revoked over his failure to return home as ordered by the ministry.

Njie said the police has also secured a search warrant to search his premises for any evidential material. He added that they also invited accusers who made a statement on the issue.

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The police PRO said the police would do everything possible to execute the arrest warrant and “are considering the possibility of doing an international search for him by liaising with partner police departments around the world to find ways of having him arrested and brought back to The Gambia.”


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