AU HQ at risk as rebels advance towards Addis Ababa; should AU intervene?

Ethiopia’s cabinet has declared a state of emergency all over the country as Tigrayan rebels advance towards the nation’s capital of Addis Ababa. Reports by state-affiliated media says that, the Tigrayan rebels have recently captured two crucial towns as they move towards Addis Ababa where the African Union’s headquarters is located.

In a report, it was stated that the state of emergency is targeted towards the protection of civilians from terrorists whose dangerous acts have become widespread in the country. In a bid to cut the advancement of the terrorists as well as stop their activities, the lawmakers’ approval of this drastic measure undertaken is expected to be passed within 24 hours.

The state of emergency at this point seems to be considered necessary as the Tigrayan rebels have taken control of two key cities that are close to the Addis Ababa although Addis Ababa has not witnessed any fighting.

Since the civil unrest in Ethiopia, the nation has witnessed series of communication blackouts. So far, journalists have been given limited access which has led to unverified reports of the battlefield activities.

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With the declaration of a state of emergency, officials have given an order to Addis Ababa residents to gear up by registering their firearms and wage any battle against their neighbourhood.

About a year ago, Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy ahmed ordered Ethiopia’s troop to disarm the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) after he claimed there was attacks on the Ethiopia’s military camp. Unfortunately, towards the ending of June, the rebels overpowered them and captured most of Tigray. After this incident, the rebels attacked the regions of Afar and Amhara.

There has been continuous calls for a ceasefire as the conflicts continues to expand. This has resulted into several calls to the African Union to restore peace

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