Rwanda approves Nuclear deal with Russia

Rwanda has approved an agreement with Russia to advance the use of nuclear energy for “peaceful purposes.” This step is anticipated to strengthen relations between the two countries. This took place ahead of the first ever Russia-African Forum which is to take place next week in the city of Sochi, Russia in which President Paul […]

Ghanaians in rage about Sex Education Program in school curriculum

The world is evolving and there is a need to teach children what they ought to know with regards to sex and sexuality. This we believe will not only enable them understand their reproductive system but will equally enable them make informed choices. UN and government official receives grave backlash from Ghanaians after recently proposing […]

Akon finally settles Ghana vs Nigeria Jollof Rice Debate

For years, the two West African neighbors have been locked in several debates covering a wide range of issues, from sports, music and food. It is the latter matter that US-born music icon Alieune Badara Thiame alias Akon has weighed into. Speaking during an interview on popular show “Ebro in the Morning”, Akon was asked […]

China turns 70 ‘no force can shake great nation’ warns XI

As The republic of China celebrates its 70th anniversary communist rule and rise to super power status , XI has warned that no amount of pressure can shake the great nation. The celebrations were marred by a military parade demonstration of the country’s technology, and a firm statement from the President Xi Jinping. The meticulously […]

Gambia bans Mohamed Ibrahim Bazzi from entering the country

The government of The Gambia on the recommendations of the “Janneh commission” has issued a ban on Mr Ibrahim Bazzi on the basis of his dealings with former head of state Yaya Jammeh. Bazzi is of Lebanese origin and had held a Gambian Diplomatic Passport No. 000129 due to his position as Consul General of […]

The incredible evolution of Mike Tyson

In the early 80s rose a new young and fearless boxer, who the world will come to know as Iron Mike Tyson. The teenage sensation will go on to become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. This came along with unprecedented fame and wealth. The young Mike, took into the ring, anger, rage and an […]

Rape and assault cases on the rise in Gambia, Girls call for action.

In recent weeks the number of rape and assault cases on women in The Gambia is at a constant and rapid rise, over the past two months, close to ten cases have reached the police stations. All the women or girls who have fallen victim of the horrendous and inhumane behaviour, said that, their assaulters […]

“Child Online Africa” promotes global child safety agenda

The world has become a global village. The internet is the way to go and children play, learn, create and connect through it. The scary part is the digital world continues to grow and change all the time. Therefore, how do we enable the safety of children? This is what Child Online Africa aims to […]

President el-Sisi’s removal demanded by Egyptians.

After businessman Mohamed Ali accused Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of corruption, on Friday, thousands of Egyptians marched on the streets demanding his resignation. Protesters chants of “rise up, fear not, Sisi must go” were shown on videos posted on social media. The protest took place in the capital city Cairo and Alexandria second-biggest city and Suez […]

Latinos are black! All music is from Africa said Rapper Fat Joe

Speaking during an interview with Ebro, the American hip hop legend said that all the music in the world is from Africa, and that Latinos were black people of African origin. “All the music is African, you talk about Brazilian music, Dominican music, Spanish drums, all the music is African, you getting on the Afro-beat […]