African politicians attended a conference on Liberalism hosted by The African Liberal Network

During the height of the political struggle between the West and the East, Africa’s political spectrum was equally divided between different foreign political ideologies. The struggle of forming an alliance between these competing groups and the adversaries that come with it has created a lot of instability and drawbacks throughout the continent for decades.  In […]

Senegal: Prison break man alias ‘Boy genie’ breaks out of jail for the 10th time.

A Senegalese boy, Modou Faal, is famous for his repetitive jailbreaks from maximum prison facilities in the capital city, Dakar. According to Senegalese media, Modou Faal escaped prison many times, and this recent one made it number 10. In the early morning of Sunday, Faal broke out of a penitentiary. The Senegalese authorities are actively […]

Africans should teach their children in native language – Malian woman responded to Macron’s statement.

President Macron recently made a statement highlighting the importance of the French language as a national treasure that must be preserved both at home and in their overseas territories. Many believe that Macron’s ‘overseas territories’ comment is a reference to Franco-phone African countries. French nationals applauded Macron’s post; however, some Africans flooded the comment section […]

US Secretary of State ‘cautions’ Africa of China’s growing role on the continent

The United States Secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, who recently held a virtual meeting with some African leaders, cautioned the continent of China’s growing influence. During the virtual meeting, the two African leaders present are President Buhari of Nigeria and President Uhuru Kenyatta of Nigeria. While talking to the two leaders, Blinken pushes for a […]

US state of Arkansas passes bill to ban sex-change medical access for minors

The US state of Arkansas is the first state to pass a bill prohibiting  medical practitioners from providing gender affirming medical care to transgender minors. The bill  passed 28-7 on monday by the state’s senate house. The bill would prohibits doctors from providing hormones treatment and surgery to minors vying to change their sex by choice. […]

Mama Sarah Obama, The Grandmother of Barack Obama Dies Aged 99

Kenyan Media: Obama’s Grandmother, Mama Sarah Obama, dies aged 99 Kenyan news media just reported that Mama Sarah Obama, the grandmother of former president of the United States has died at aged 99. According to her son, Said Obama, Mama Sarah died at the Jaramogi Oginga Hospital in the early morning of Monday, March 29, […]