Timbuku: Rwanda to host $1Billion African Innovation Hub

East African country, Rwanda which has become a front liner in tech and one of Africa’s major contributors in the technological sector, is set to host Timbuktu, the financial hub of the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP). Over the last decade, Rwanda has evolved into a major tech hub in Africa with recognizable infrastructure and […]

Ethiopia to supply South Sudan with electricity

Ethiopia is set to export electricity to South Sudan in a bid to help solve the power problem in the neighboring African country and also boost efforts towards regional integration. A memorandum of understanding was signed in Addis Ababa by the authorities including the likes of Peter Marcello, Minister of Energy and Dams in South […]

American charged for Defrauding Two Nigerians of $368,698

Reports from Nigeria media outlets indicate that, an American citizen identified as Marco Ramirez has defrauded two Nigerians, Gabriel Ogie and Oludare Talabi of an amount of $368,698 in a green card scam. The earlier claim was confirmed by officials from the Federal Beaureau of Investigation. An officer from the security unit, Ayotunde Solademi testified […]

Malian bikers rode 600km to assist Nigerian cross–continent rider

The latest African adventure sensation, Kunle Adeyanju from Nigeria was treated to a spirit of African unity and brotherhood in Mali as he rides a motorcycle all the way from London heading to Nigeria. Kunle Adeyanju who is a biker announced in April a decision to ride a bike from London to Lagos, Nigeria with […]

Nigerian: Minister calls on Netflix, others to cover more local content

Despite the growing demand for the services of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, others in Nigeria, the country’s local movie industry is yet to fully benefit from these platforms in terms of revenue and content popularity. In this vein, Nigeria’s minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has called on streaming platforms […]