The African ‘Waka Waka’ many don’t know about

In 1985, the Golden Sounds, a group made of Cameroon’s security men, recorded a catchy song called “Zangawela.” The song Zangawela became an international hit leading Golden Sounds to rename themselves as Zangawela. It’s believed that the song was made in honor of African soldiers who fought to liberate Europe from being colonized by the German tribe in […]

On the Eco Currency for West Africa (The Francophonie Eco) – Sulayman Gaye

1) The Eco, it is understood will be pegged to the Euro. Pegging has both pros and cons. Pegging the Eco against the Euro can stabilize inflation in Ecozone if the Eurozone enjoys stable inflation ( price satellite). On the other hand, pegging can lower the price of exports while increasing those of imports thereby […]

Gambian Opposition Leader Swallows his Vomits before the Media

In what many analysts described as a disparate shift to disrupt the “Coalition” government of Adama Barrow, sluggish Gambian opposition leader and rucksack Vice President Ousainou Darboe has announced the biggest U-Turn in the political history of The Gambia, calling for the resignation of the current President, Adama Barrow to honor a provisional term in […]

Why is Ebola Only in Africa?

The presence in Africa of the mysterious contagious disease hemorrhagic fever of humans and other primates caused by ebolaviruses, “Ebola” remains puzzling. With its contagious nature, Ebola so far continues to circulate ONLY in Africa and has since then risen suspicion of biological warfare against Africa and Africans. Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976 […]