Mali Coup: ECOWAS leaders calls for reinstatement of President Keita

West African heads of states under the regional bloc ECOWAS, held an emergency virtual summit on Thursday demanding for the reinstatement of Ibrahim Baboucarr Keita as Mali’s leader. President Keita was ousted in a military coup on Tuesday by members of the arm forces The leaders said they would send envoys to Mali to help […]

Angola sentences ex-president’s billionaire son to five years in prison for fraud

Son of former Angolan president who ruled the country for 38 years, has been sentenced on Friday by Angola’s Supreme Court in Luanda for a multi-billion dollar embezzlement scheme. Jose Filomeno dos Santos Commonly, know as “Zenu,” was charged in December after trying to transfer $1.5 billion into a private bank account in Swiss from […]

COVID-19: A University in Kenya unveils ventilators made by students

Students from Kenyatta University have close to assist solve the ventilator crisis within the country in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The ventilators were produced as a joint venture by 16 students from the Engineering Faculty, Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing in 7-Days under the guardians of their Deans developed a Prototype of a Ventilator […]

Malawi Ministers and President take 10% salary cut to fight coronavirus

President Peter Mutharika of Malawi on Saturday announced that him and the cabinet will take a tenth pay cut and redirect the cash towards the fight against coronavirus. This was announced on state television, Reuters reports. The president announced variety of measures aimed toward cushioning small- and medium-sized businesses, including tax breaks, a discount in […]

Outrage as French doctors say COVID-19 cure should first be tested in Africa

Two French doctors Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht, have sparked outrage after they were caught on television discussing “Africa as the best destination to conduct a test for COVID-19 vaccine”. In a viral video clip shared on social media on Thursday, The two were filmed on set suggesting that a newly discovered possible COVID-19 vaccine […]

Ethiopia to free 4,000 prisoners as it steps up war against COVID-19

Ethiopia plans to free over 4,000 prisoners holed up in its prisons as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus. “To contain the spread of Coronavirus, 4011 convicts who are serving their sentence in federal prison facilities will be released,” said Adanech Abebe, the Federal Attorney-general who was appointed to the position this month. […]

Coronavirus: Liberian youngster make masks from African prints

Liberian youngsters are becoming creative in finding means to fight the pandemic among the local population. A young Liberian woman starts making an African version of mask using Ankara fabrics to assist prevent the spread of coronavirus. Humpheretta Reid has haunted the challenge to make protective masks from African prints. She said the continent has […]

Analysts speak on the risks and benefits of West Africa CFA reform

Call to overhaul the West African CFA franc, a currency tied to the euro and historically rooted in French colonial rule, raise a host of thorny problems, analysts say. Eight countries use the euro-pegged West African CFA franc, which enjoys unlimited convertibility with the euro. This is brought about by the countries depositing 50 percent of their reserves with […]

The Gambia requires a change in the system that will eradicate poverty

The Gambia requires a change in the system that will eradicate poverty. The system change should address many issues including building the productive base of our economy such that The Gambia will be able to produce things that we are currently imports including rice, tomato paste, juice among others. We are importing what we can […]

Activist Ziggy Wine of People Power dies under mysterious circumstances

A close associate of Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi Known as Bobi Wine has perished under inexplicable circumstances. Michael Kalinda alias Ziggy Wine a local musician died on Sunday night of injuries suffered after being tortured a few weeks ago. He was kidnaped by unknown people on June 21 while on his way to a […]