Baba, we need security not paper profit – Buhari’s base fumes as he declares success in oil sector

Muhammadu Buhari came to office in 2015 with a campaign promise to tackle insecurity in Nigeria especially the Northern part of the country where Boko Haram has been terrorizing residents for years. Now serving his last term in office, the insecurity in Nigeria is ceaseless as the country is outstretched with mass kidnapping of students, attacks on farmers, travelers and even on military barracks.

Buhari has been facing criticism since before his re-election for his inability to tackle insecurity in Africa’s most populous country but that did not stop him from getting re-elected and thanks to his strong base – mostly from the Northern part of the country. However, two years since his re-election, it seems like the president’s voting bloc is losing patient as the insecurity situation is not getting any better.

Recently, President Buhari posted on his social media handles to celebrate success in the oil and gas sector as Nigeria’s National Petroleum company registered profit for the first time in 44 years. According to the President, the state petroleum company losses were cut from N803 billion($1.6 billion) in 2018 to a profit of N288 billion($574) in 2020 – making it the first time the company makes profit since inception.

The president did not receive expected praise from Nigerians, not even from strong support base. One of the president’s online followers wrote, “Profit and successes measured on paper without any effect on the people’s well-being is NONSENSE. It is likened to a company doing adverts about their successes but unable to pay staff salary.Sit up and work or resign pls.” 

A second critic lamented on the issue of insecurity: “Very insensitive. At a time flags are supposed to be flown at half mast in honour of Nigerians who are constantly maimed as a result of your incompetence, you are declaring profit that will be re-looted. God have mercy”. This proves that the immediate concern of many Nigerians is for the government to increase security and also find ways to alleviate the poor economic condition facing them.

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