Barack Obama Failed West Papuans when he was President!

A new Revolution in West Papua has been reborn and Inspired by Indonesians racist attacks calling West Papuans “Monyets” (Monkeys). West Papuan Protesters are now wearing monkey masks giving birth to the monkeys revolution with a chant “you have oppressed us for more than 55 years and still we arise.”

Papuans have suffered way too much for too long. The worst mistake of Barack Obama Presidency was that he failed West Papuans. He had all powers to set West Papuans free but never did it. In spite of this it is never too late to stand for what is right. Now is the time for Barack Obama to come out, redeem his name and stand for the black people in West Papua.

By Daniel Mwambonu
A Pan Africanist and International Civil Rights Activist

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