Benin Expelled EU Ambassador

The ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Benin, Oliver Nette has being expelled by the government of Benin, citing interference in domestic affairs.

It has now been confirmed that the Germany born diplomat on Friday 29th November 2019 left Benin to comply with the orders of the Beninese authorities to leave its territory. He left without his wife.

Benin has since April 2019; continue to experience an unprecedented political and social crisis, with new law excluding the key opposition leaders from the last parliamentary elections, a matter Oliver Nette reportedly attempted to interfere in.

Oliver Nette came to Cotonou in May 2018.

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EU spokesperson who confirmed the expulsion of the ambassador AFP News said. “For the EU, nothing can justify such a measure in the generally good relations that have existed up until now between the EU and Benin…”

“We have demanded as a matter of urgency from our partners in Benin some clarification on the specific reasons for their decision, but we have not received them yet.”

Following request for better explanation over what is described as “extreme” action, the 28 member organization has since not commented much on the matter.

However, Benin’s ambassadors to Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium have since being summoned to sidelight on the issue.

Authorities in Benin have been cited by the local media as saying, “He [the ambassador] constantly calls on civil society to protest against the government”. The government spokesperson revealed that the government is “disturbed by the activities of this diplomat who has got involved in activities that they [sic] may consider subversive”.

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