Biden’s aim to adopt LGBTQ conditional aid when elected; a reason for Africa to do way with aid?

The major contender of Donald J Trump in the upcoming 2020 election, Joe Biden was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest National LGBTQ rights organization in America. In a conversation with the President of the community, Alphonso David on Wednesday, Biden pledged to prioritize their rights when elected but made certain comments which should be of great concern to Africa.

The seasoned politician who served as the Vice President during the erstwhile Barack Obama administration disclosed a major strategy used by the then government which he intends to adopt in his administration. Biden revealed how aid has been used as a major tool to promote gay right across the globe.

According to him, they spoke against anti-LGBTQ laws and threatened to withhold aids(which they actually did) to countries that depend on support from the United States in a bid to get them accept gay rights. The Obama administration reportedly spent at least $41 million to promote gay right globally and out of this amount, about $6.6 million was spent on sub-Saharan Africa alone.

African countries that resisted this culturally insensitive demand from the United States government were severely punished. A typical example was the case of Uganda. When the LGBTQ campaign became intense and was mounting pressure on the African leadership, some including that of Uganda passed anti-gay laws that criminalized the practice to protect their cultural values.

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This attracted a sanction from the Obama led administration ranging from the barring of some Ugandan officials from traveling to the United States, the cutting off or redirection of financial support to the Ugandan police and health agencies among many others. Uganda was not the only victim of this radical policy.

If Joe Biden is seeking to adopt same approach through this policy, then African leaders need to be cautious. They need to learn to rely less on aid from the United States and any other government secretly engaging in similar practice.

The continent is blessed with a lot of resources that the West depends on. Countries on the continent must be open to trade among themselves, push for unity, build a solid economic power and be self-reliant, else, we may end up in crisis and be forced to accept what our culture frowns bitterly on.

Watch the full interview.

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