“Black Kings Built The League” Kyrie Irving calls for NBA to change its logo to Kobe Bryant

The 2016 NBA league winner and current Brooklyn Net star, Kyrie Irving who has been very outspoken about racial justice has reiterated on the call to change the NBA logo from the current image of Jerry West to the late Kobe Bryant.

Although featuring during different generations, Jerry West and Kobe Bryant have both played for the Los Angeles Lakers; however, Jerry West has been the symbol of the league from 1969 till date. 

Jerry West in Laker’s Jersey

In a recent Instagram post on Wednesday, Irving posted an NBA logo featuring Bryant with the caption: “Gotta Happen, Idc what anyone says. BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE”

Since the passing of Kobe Bryant, more than 3 million people signed a petition asking the league to change the logo to Kobe. However, it’s been reported by Yahoo Sports in January that the league has no plan on changing the logo.

The NBA never admitted that the current logo is the image of a specific player but on all indications – it is easy for one to conclude that it is indeed Jerry’s image.

Bryant retired from playing in 2016 after 20 years of successful career. He won five championship titles and two times finals MVP. Additionally, He led the USA basketball team to win two Olympic gold medals. Bryant is largely considered as one of the top five basketball players of all times.

Irving’s Instagram post

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