Bobi Wine reacts as Museveni appoints his son as a Military commander

Uganda’s main opposition leader, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, known popularly as Bobi Wine has reacted over some controversial appointment decisions taken by the country’s long-serving president, Yoweri Museveni.

The President allegedly appointed his biological son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba as the land forces Commander of Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF); a decision which has sparked conversations in the country.

Bobi Wine who is not pleased with the appointments accused the president of plots to prepare grounds for his son to take over the country after his term expires. According to him, Museveni has started showing signs of the mode of operation of other dictators.

“Muhoozi’s appointment is consistent with reports that he is being groomed to seize power once Museveni’s reign ends, similar to what dictators elsewhere on the African continent including Gaddafi-era Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Chad and Bashir-era Sudan attempted to do but with little success.” He wrote.

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The opposition leader further alleged that, Museveni’s son who was once a leader of a private army called the SFC, supervised the “massive abduction, torture and murder of supporters of the National Unity Platform, many of whom have since passed on.”
Accroding to Bobi Wine, President Museveni openly “admitted that SFC under his son were behind these gruesome crimes.”

The fearless youth leader equally pointed out that, one Peter Elwelu who was also appointed alongside Museveni’s son as Deputy Chief of Defense Forces is complicit of crimes against the people of Uganda, especially the opposition members.

“Elwelu struck infamy when he commanded the 2016 massacre of hundreds of people (including women and children) in Kasese who were opposed to Gen. Museveni’s rule. He is being rewarded for a job well done, but also to strike further fear into those who oppose his master.” Bobi wine wrote.

He described Museveni as “dying horse” who is entitled to its “final kicks” whilst promising Ugandans a promising future after the “dictator” is removed.

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