Brain Drain: Nigerian talent who builds drones flown out of the country by Finnish firm

Africa, a continent of many talents, keeps losing its human resources with potential to contribute to its development to brain drain at a very alarming rate.

Latest on the list is Ignatius Asabor, the young Nigerian who was widely celebrated online for his show of excellent scientific knowledge.

Ignatius single-handedly built five functional drones with purely local materials which he displayed online, drawing all the attention.

Following the viral news about his work, Finnish firm, Radai Ltd which focuses on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to provide environmental and geophysical services recruited and flew him out of the country.

In a public statement, the Managing Director of Finland-based company, Saartenoja expressed his satisfaction for having him in the company and also added how useful Ignatius will be to the operational success of Radai Ltd.

“Ignatius Asabor, a young Nigerian drone talent, has just arrived to Finland, Oulu. Ignatius will strengthen Radai’s survey team in future and bring more international expertise in the field surveys. Welcome Ignatius Asabor to Radai team!” the director wrote.

Since his departure, there have been a divided opinion among Africans; whilst some celebrate him for the supposed search for “greener pasture,” others decry the ruins of bad leadership which keeps hurting the continent. 

Africa has over the years lost many impactful talents due partly to negligence and also the inability to create the right atmosphere to be able to tap and utilize these talents. What do you think the continent must do moving forward to convince its young talents to stay?

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